Deep Water Conditioning with Variable Resistance Cuffs Content

Deep Water Conditioning with Variable Resistance Cuffs

Deep Water Conditioning with Variable Resistance Cuffs is a non-impact, high intensity fitness program with many benefits, including cross-training and rehabilitation therapy.

What is Deep Water Conditioning with Variable Resistance Cuffs?

It is a unique exercise system based on accommodating, variable, and multidimensional resistance, which will conform to your changing muscular capacity in all directions of movement. No machine on dry land can duplicate these effects.

The program is designed to develop all of the components of physical fitness. It will increase muscular and cardiovascular strength & endurance, improve flexibility, and decrease percentage of body fat. Our specially designed, inflatable Variable Resistance Cuffs (worn on your ankles and wrists) provide enough buoyancy to keep your head and shoulders above the water so that all exercises can be performed in vertical suspension-giving you a totally non-impact workout.

Our Variable Resistance Cuffs will increase the resistance of the water by a minimum factor of three. It will require three times more force for a leg with a cuff to move through the water than would be required of a bare leg moving through the water at the same speed.

I don’t know how to swim; can I still participate in this program?

There is no swimming in Deep Water Conditioning, however we require that all participants are comfortable in deep water and complete one or more training sessions with one of our in-water coaches, before coming alone to deep water class.

How intense is a Deep Water Conditioning workout?

Your own strength will determine how intensely you work in the water. Personal capacity will of course vary among participants, but because you cannot exert more force against a resistance than you actually have, you can never get more of a workload than you can handle. As you are able to increase the length of your movements to a given speed, you will be increasing the resistance workload. The workload capacity is virtually unlimited.

How can I rent or purchase Variable Resistance Cuffs?

These specially designed and trademarked cuffs, which are worn on both your wrists and ankles, can be rented or purchased at the class or by contacting Trey Mason at (310)809-2818 or [email protected].

How to Enroll

Call or text Trey at (310)809-2818 or e-mail [email protected], to arrange for an in-water coach to orient you to the program. In your first class, the coach explains the cuffs, and is in the water with you coaching you on the basic techniques. The student pays the coach $15 for this initial session.

About Us

Trey brings extensive education, training, and experience in the areas of physical fitness and conditioning, in continuing the Deep Water Conditioning tradition started by her mother, Fitness Research Founder 1980, Nan Lewis.

Trey Lewis Mason
Education: USC 1989
BS Exercise Physiology
TENNIS 2x All America, USC (’79-’80)
Touring Professional (’81-’89)
Highest World Ranking #35

Class Schedule

Palos Verdes Beach and Athletic Club

389 Paseo Del Mar, Palos Verdes Estates, CA  90274


Tuesday 9am
Thursday 9am
Saturday 10am

Jack Kramer Club

11 Montecito Drive, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Monday 7am, 8:15am
Wednesday 7am, 8:15am
Friday 7am, 8:15am
Saturday 8am
Sunday 7am

Class Fees

Non-Members $12
Members NC
Initial Coaching Session $20
Cuff Purchase $60 a pair
w/cuff rental $2