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North Deck Rental
Our North Deck is the perfect location for an outdoor casual pool or dining party. The area can accommodate up to 50 guests during the off-season (September-May), or 30 guests in the summer season (June-August). The guests will have access to enjoy the pool deck, including the pools, jacuzzis and locker rooms for the duration of the event. Eight-foot tables and chairs are provided and set-up for use.

Clubroom Rental
Our Clubroom provides an intimate rental experience which is perfect for smaller wedding receptions, baby showers, or birthday parties. This space can hold up to 45 guests comfortably. This space is also great for a sit-down dinner experience and includes use of our kitchen facility. The clubroom has many doors that fully open surrounding the room. The clubroom includes use of our Grand Piano for a live music option.

Pool Deck Rental
The Pool Deck is a great space for any event. It is available for exclusive use on the second Saturday of each month. Our Pool Deck can hold up to 250 guests for a larger event and has plenty of space for dining and dancing. The deck overlooks the coast, with spectacular sunsets all year long.


All rentals are member sponsored.

Contact Amanda Capellino at [email protected] or 310-375-8777.